How To Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

How To Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

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There’s no question about it – your wedding needs the best musical entertainment possible to ensure all of your guests have an amazing time! But the biggest question is what type of entertainment do you choose? Do you go with a band or a DJ? There are so many amazingly talented entertainers in our area, so you’re sure to have a wide selection to choose from. No matter what your criteria are for making a decision, we can help you know what to expect from both options.

Musical entertainment – live band

What kind of vibe do you want your wedding to have? Live music with multiple vocalists, a lively horn section, fun percussion, and a great lead guitar can really bring the energy to your wedding! And when this pandemic is over, lots of people will want to celebrate with some live people leading the charge.
A live band can also be extremely flexible when it comes to having music at different parts of your wedding. Let’s say you want an acoustic musician for the ceremony, a small four-piece ensemble for the cocktail hour, and a full band with vocalists for the reception. Sometimes, hiring one group can take care of all three of these requirements.
A band is also great when you really love a certain type of music – think Motown, jazz, or classical. Many bands specialize in a certain genre and know how to play those songs very well. Make sure you get a video of the band performing ahead of time or try to attend one of their showcases! Bands can either stick pretty close to how the song was originally performed, or give each song a distinct twist. Make sure you choose a band that will perform the songs the way you want.
You should also ask whether your band can perform Emcee duties in addition to live music. If the band is playing at your reception, the Emcee will introduce the wedding party and take charge of any other announcements to keep the evening moving smoothly.
(Just be sure you have a little larger budget for a band – more members means more people need to get paid!)

Musical entertainment – DJ

If you want to hear a wide variety of songs from several different genre and decades, typically, a DJ is your best option. A DJ set up should requires less space than a full band, as well, and load in and tear down time is usually less for a DJ.
If you have very specific songs you want played at your reception, a DJ is the way to go. They’re able to pull just about any song out there and add it to your “must play” list. Plus, having a DJ will ensure your favorite songs are played the same way you’re used to always hearing them. There are practically no limitations when it comes to what you want to hear!
Finally, a DJ is a more cost effective option for couples. Your budget is a very personal decision, and while you deserve the very best you can afford, a DJ will make the night just as memorable without spending quite as much.

We hope we’ve given you some valuable tips when it comes to choosing your musical selections for your big day. And when you’re ready to commit, contact us at Bee Entertainment for the region’s best DJ services!


  1. Eli Richardson 3 years ago

    It’s awesome that you talked about how a live band could be flexible and a great option for an event. A few weeks ago, I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and she said yes! We’re excited to start planning our wedding party, and we’ll definitely need the best music entertainment, so we’ll be sure to look into it. Thanks for the information on live bands for weddings.

  2. This is very helpful. Thank you for explaining the advantages of both a wedding band and a DJ. You mentioned that bands could choose whether they stick with how the song was originally performed or give the song a distinct twist. Is this something that could be requested from them?

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