9 Expert Tips And Questions To Ask Before Choosing A DJ (Part Two)

9 Expert Tips And Questions To Ask Before Choosing A DJ (Part Two)

Bust a move with the top DJs in Detroit!


In part one, we took the plunge in choosing a Detroit wedding DJ by taking some initial steps such as asking for DJ recommendations, doing an internet search, and attending bridal shows. We then explored some important questions to ask your DJ before you sign the final contract. 


At Bee Entertainment, our Detroit DJ services are incomparable! We craft a night of entertainment that is a reflection of your style and personality! Party the night away with us and get more questions to ask your DJ in today’s post. 


More important Questions To Ask Your DJ


In our previous post, we reviewed questions such as:


  • Is this a full-time business?
  • What is your primary focus?
  • What other events have you hosted?


It’s important to really dig in and find the right DJ for your wedding, even if it takes a little more work. The right DJ makes a world of difference and will help end your wedding on a high note! Get the remaining questions to ask your DJ, below!


How do you create a unique experience for each couple? 


An expert DJ is about the details and can weave them in to foster a soundtrack to tailored for this day. Choose a DJ that is invested in you, which will ultimately mean they will be doing most of the interviewing! Did you grow up drooling over a certain boy band? If you mention that, they’ll likely throw in some of those jams! A DJ should be open and willing to play (or not play) exactly what you desire. 


How do you hype the crowd? 


This is a biggie! You want a DJ that can get people to the dance floor in a non-awkward and consensual way! Watching other people dragging their friends onto the dance floor is a DJs worst nightmare! Getting people pumped and excited to be on the dance floor is a true talent, one your DJ should have! Whether it’s asking everyone out onto the dance floor for a dance for good luck to the newlyweds or playing a couple of songs from the college days, they need to go in with a plan. It’s all about building an energy where people want to have fun and let loose.  


What equipment do you use? 


A good DJ knows their equipment and it will vary a little in what they all like to use. Some DJs prefer turntables to be able to have control over manipulating the music — they can speed it up, slow it down, or easily fade into another song. Make sure your DJ is an audio guru and knows how to work around sound hiccups. Can they set up their system with ease and are they able to find the perfect volume where guests can still talk at tables while others are busting a move on the dance floor?


Is there a choice of DJs we can choose from or is one assigned based on availability? 


If you’re using a DJ company, chances are there is a team of DJs. Because no wedding is the same, they’re pretty good at matching a DJ with the wedding style and personality. If you love the DJ you’ve interacted with thus far, just request them! 


What other services do you offer? 


Next to hiring a fabulous DJ, some we offer additional packages with beautiful lighting and even a photo booth! It’s all about personalizing your day, and adding a few extra elements can make this day even more memorable!


Lighting can take a dark room and energize it, making everyone feel more alive and ready to party. Not to mention, it’s a great bonus for the photographer to capture well-lit, candid photos of the night! 


Every couple wants a wedding reception where their guests can kick back and relax, enjoy great music, and celebrate the occasion! This is why getting the best DJ is vital — you don’t want a buzz kill DJ who doesn’t know how to hype a crowd and keep everything moving. So, ask the right questions and book a DJ who can read a crowd and showcase your vision of the night! 


Don’t stumble upon an okay wedding reception and book Detroit’s best DJ today! Reserve your date now!











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