Participation Required: The Dance Floor

Participation Required: The Dance Floor

Create a dance floor that everyone can participate in, starting with the wedding DJ!


The dance floor at any wedding reception either brings an elated, light-hearted feeling for those who love to cut a rug or a sigh of distress for those who maybe weren’t blessed with the moves. 


Any amazing DJ can get just about anyone out on the dance floor having a great time — dance skills or not, and this is exactly what we do at Bee Entertainment! We are your premier Detroit DJs that have a skill for bringing people together. Learn more about how we do it below. 

A Dance Floor For Everyone


The wedding reception is about one thing, the DJ! We kid. It’s about celebrating with your friends and family, and yes, the music is a huge part of it. Yet, there are people who won’t get on the dang dance floor, and trust us, it’s not because they can’t dance. 


Sometimes it’s just the music being played. If it’s all country, you’re likely not going to see the best dancer out there. And, if it’s just line dance after line dance, this keeps the person who just loves to let loose and bust their own moves off the floor. This isn’t fun for anyone and it’s a quick buzzkill. 


So, we’re going to let you in on a little secret — fill the dance floor with the perfect song and dance choice. Everyone wants to be a part of the big day, and creating a playlist that everyone can participate in on the dance floor is the way to do it! But, this will require some thoughtfulness from you. 


Create A Bunch Of Different Dances


You know how there are the traditional dances — mother/son, father/daughter, and the happy couple? Just expand this to your entire guest list. Sounds a little weird, but everyone will have to dance! 


So, what other dances can you create to get everyone to participate?


College Roomies


It’s likely the two of you will invite people you lived with in college, so there will be two songs that you can have your DJ mash-up and play as you invite them onto the dance floor. Our fav? Boyz II Men and Rent! 


Work Husbands/Wives


Let’s face it, we spend a majority of our days with the hooligans we work with, so yes, you have to have a dance with all of them. Have the DJ stir in a little Journey, Aerosmith, or the song that you all bond over. 




Slow it down a little, and invite all the grandparents on the dance floor and choose a song from their time. Perhaps a little disco or Elvis Presley to get all shook up!


Extended Family


If your cousins, aunts, and uncles are present, do a family mash-up just for them. Whether it be a good Meatloaf song or tunes you jammed to as kids, find something they’ll all remember and hit the floor! 


This list could go on and on, and this is how you can create a playlist for a dance floor that everyone can participate in! 


To book the best Detroit DJs that bring people to the dance floor, connect with us today!


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