Throwing The Ultimate Wedding Reception (Part Two)

Throwing The Ultimate Wedding Reception (Part Two)

The ultimate wedding reception begins and ends with the wedding DJ. Period!


In part one, we explored all the ways to create a wedding reception to remember, because, the wedding vows are nice and all, but the reception is really why people attend! We talked about creating a Cheers vibe, hiring a DJ you connect with, choosing music everyone can bust a move to, and serving amazing food — don’t miss out and read part one now!


At Bee Entertainment, we capture the mood and ambiance of your special day and translate it into a music experience! We are Detroit’s premier wedding DJs and we’re here to help you create the perfect day! Let’s dive into more ways to throw the ultimate wedding reception in today’s post!

It’s Always The Small Details (That Make The Best Wedding Reception)


Once you’ve secured Detroit’s best DJ, you know the rest of the wedding reception will fall perfectly into place. Below are more ways to make it a night to remember for everyone who attends. 


Put a time limit on speeches!


The wedding speeches, does anyone really like them? Unless all your friends and family are expert public speakers and love to entertain, the speeches can be awkward for everyone. While it’s important to let those around you tell you how much they love you and embarrass you with stories of drunken nights, when they drag on, everyone gets a little fidgety — the people want to dance! 


Let the people dance and have the wedding DJ cut off any unnecessarily long toasts!


Skip traditional things don’t fit you!


The wedding DJ has a list of wedding reception traditions that people typically do, but, that doesn’t have to be your wedding reception. So, if you think the garter pull or the bouquet toss are lame, do something different. 


DJs at Bee Entertainment are all about shaking things up and doing something different, so if you have an idea, run it by them and incorporate it into your wedding reception. 


Create a lounge area. 


The lounge area doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a couple of comfy chairs or couches with side tables will be perfect. When people are busting a move on the dance floor, they get tired and need to catch their breath for a few, and the lounge area is the perfect refuge. They can sprawl out and relax while snacking and refueling with dancing juice! 


This also let’s the other non-dancing guests enjoy each other’s company at the tables, without being bothered ever so often from a sweaty dancer!


Make sure everyone is comfortable.


Depending on the location and time of year your wedding reception is at, you want to think of your guests and try and keep them as comfortable as possible. If you have a fall wedding and the wedding reception is outside, have a place with blankets and scarves that people can wrap up in and all the hot tea and coffee on tap. 


If you have a large group of people who love to dance, have flip flops available so they can cut a rug sans the uncomfortable shoes.   


There are so many ways to create the ultimate wedding reception, and really, it’s all in the little things that people enjoy. 


But, never skimp on the DJ — this will quickly ruin any wedding reception and fast!

To book the premier Detroit DJ company, connect with us today!


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