2016 Wedding First Dance Songs You Might Not Know

2016 Wedding First Dance Songs You Might Not Know

In my mind, nothing is more important at a wedding reception than the First Dance.  I have said for years I can tell if a couple is truly in love by the way they dance.  And many of our brides and grooms look for that perfect song, the one that has the perfect lyrics, the perfect tempo, and will set the perfect mood for their night.

Below is a list of songs that you may consider when looking for that perfect song:

  1. Ron Pope – I Do Not Love You: Odd title for a first dance song, but GREAT lyrics and tempo. Unique and rarely heard, from our experiences.
  2. Jason Mraz – Love Someone: The tempo changes and could be a little fast for a first dance, BUT… get some dance lessons with your love and make this your unique first dance song
  3. Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me: Love Thinking Out Loud, but don’t want “to be like everyone else” – check out this other sultry classic from our favorite ginger.
  4. Stoney Larue – Feet Don’t Touch the Ground (live version):  I DJ’ed a friend’s wedding this year, and this was the first song they heard in the Nashville bar after their engagement.  I instantly fell in love with it.
  5. Ryan Lafferty – Close to You (Sound Stage Version): This is just a great song all the way around – hip lyrics and this in studio version (different from the album version) is perfect for a first dance with your husband or wife.
  6. Ingrid Michaelson’s version of Can’t Help Fallin In Love: You can never match the classic, but if you are not an Elvis fan, Ingrid Michaelson’s version may just be for you.
  7. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Wine We Drink: Hailing from the great state of Tennessee, this married duo (Drew and Ellie) use their soulful voices in this lovely ballad.
  8. Into the Mystic – Van Morrison: One of my absolute favorite romantic songs ever and rarely used. (Bee Entertainment owner, Bryan)
  9. Free – Zac Brown Band: Rarely used, and if you feel like dancing for 7 minutes, check out the version that transitions to “Into the Mystic” – amazing lyrics.
  10. Take My Hand – Emily Hackett, Feat. Will Anderson: A great little gem I found on YouTube.  It may seem a little “manufactured”, but I think it’s a perfect first dance song.


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