Five Wedding Traditions That Are On The Way Out

Five Wedding Traditions That Are On The Way Out

Every wedding is unique, and all of the details and traditions you build into your special day are part of what makes a wedding as meaningful as possible for each couple. Who says you have to have your wedding a certain way? Do you really need favors and ceremony soloists and a receiving line? Here are some wedding fads that may have been a hit in the past, but are moving aside in favor of more current trends.
Formal Wedding Cake – More and more couples are moving away from a huge traditional wedding cake and opting instead for a different kind of treat. The options are endless – doughnuts made onsite, cupcakes, pies, or maybe a chocolate fountain! Serve pound cake, pretzels, and marshmallows for your guests to dip.
Wide Open Spaces – Giving your guests room to move around at the reception has become more important now that we’re living life six feet apart! Brides are exchanging closed in ballrooms for reception areas with sprawling vineyards, rustic barns, and distilleries. These venues tend to be more relaxed and inviting, and some have games and activities guests can enjoy as they sip drinks and visit with each other. Some of our favorites are the Whiskey Factory in Detroit, Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, The Cheney Place in Grand Rapids, Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City, Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor, Black Barn Winery in Rives Junction, Hidden Vineyard in Berrien Springs, and Sundance Studios in Millburg.
Something Old, Something New, Somewhere Far Away, And a Beach, Too – Want to treat your guests to an amazing weekend wedding retreat? When you’ve spent this much time looking forward to your wedding, you may want the party to last as long as possible. Celebrate your nuptials at a castle, a golf resort, or a private beach and spend the entire weekend with your crew. Many of these resorts boast picturesque views and outdoor sports to keep everyone entertained all weekend long. If you don’t want to limit your celebration to just three hours on a cramped ballroom floor, a destination wedding is a great alternative.
Ditch the Formality – Neither of you want to attend a stuffy, pretentious event. So why would you invite your family and best friends to attend one? Your wedding should be undeniably ‘you,’ so if a formal dinner isn’t your thing, try having an array of food trucks. Swap the formal speeches for an enthusiastic, “Thank you everyone for being here tonight!” from the bride or groom as you’re leaving the reception. Don’t forget the bridesmaids – ditch the matching dresses and have your girls choose a dress in a certain color family that they feel beautiful in.
Cozy Up – These days, it’s easier to imagine a smaller guest list for your wedding. Between venue or state restrictions on gatherings, to your own personal comfort level, having fewer people watch you tie the knot just seems like the thing to do for most couples. Even without a pandemic going on, guest counts have trended downward over the last several years into the 100 or fewer range. Remember that you are not obligated to invite anyone! Grandparents and BFFs are welcome. Your third cousin that you haven’t seen in years or all 25 of your co-workers, not so much.

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