The Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding DJ

The Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding DJ

A great wedding DJ/Emcee can really set the entire tone for the reception – the style of music, the way the announcements are done, and whether the DJ can get all of your guests on the dance floor and keep them there! When you’re searching for the best wedding DJ, there are a few key questions you should ask to make sure you’re hiring someone who will reflect your personality and who will ultimately make your wedding the most wonderful night you can imagine!
What is included in the total cost of my event?
You don’t want any surprises at the reception when the DJ asks for the final balance of their services. Before you sign that dotted line, ask about additional travel fees, setup fees, equipment fees, whether the DJ requires a meal or a hotel room, or anything else you can imagine. At Bee Entertainment, we’re 100% transparent about the cost of your event and the total amount is clearly outlined in the contract. You’re there to have a blast, not stress about unexpected charges!
I really want you to be my DJ, but you’re a little out of my budget!
We are willing to work with couples to produce the wedding you have always envisioned. At Bee Entertainment, we will do our best to tailor a package that fits your needs and your budget to make the perfect night for you and your guests. Remember, this is the BIGGEST party you will ever throw for yourselves, so make sure you spend money on things that make a difference to you!
Are you insured?
This question generally is referring to liability insurance. What happens if the DJ damages something at the venue or one of the guests is injured by a piece of DJ equipment? You never want to think about those things, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and Bee Entertainment has Liability Insurance.
What happens if my assigned DJ has a last-minute emergency and can’t attend my wedding?
Reputable DJ companies should have a contingency plan for your wedding DJ if an emergency arises. The absolute worst stories from weddings have been about entertainment not showing up. If the DJ company appears to be a “one man show,” what happens if he or she gets sick (this was especially true this past year with the pandemic!)? If the company has multiple DJs on staff, will another DJ (with experience!) take the place of the DJ who can’t make it? Again, these scenarios hopefully do not come into play, but this question is extremely important when interviewing wedding DJ companies.
Do you have backup equipment in case something fails?
If the mixer goes out, or if the laptop crashes, or if a speaker is on the fritz, your DJ will need to have additional equipment on site to switch out quickly so there is very little interruption. Ask your DJ if they have backup equipment onsite, just in case gear fails on your wedding day.
Have you worked a wedding at my venue before?
The last thing you want is a wedding DJ who is unprepared, unsure of where to set up, and doesn’t even know where the electrical outlets are. Having a DJ who has worked at many area venues and knows the lay of the land will save you a lot of trouble the day of your wedding. Most venues should also allow the DJ to visit the site ahead of time to get comfortable with the layout.
How can I work with you to plan our day?
The DJ needs an organized plan for the reception in order of when you want things to happen – wedding party introduction, speeches, first dance, parents’ dance, etc. Bee Entertainment has couples fill out our “DJ Details Questionnaire.” The assigned Bee Entertainment DJ will finalize all details with the couple about 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event. Also, the DJ should work with you to build playlists for each part of the wedding reception (i.e. – cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing) if you want to select music for those portions. If the DJ is also acting as the Emcee, they will finalize names of family members and the wedding party (and any necessary pronunciations) during the Final Details meeting. The DJ also works with other vendors, such as catering and photography, to keep the timeline in check and keep the night flowing from one event to another. The DJ/Emcee will be your lifeline in keeping things moving!
My wedding is at a private residence instead of a venue. How will your coordinate that?
The DJ will need to visit the residence ahead of time to know where to set up and how to arrange the equipment. You may need to provide tables or additional electrical services so they can properly set up. If the wedding is outside, you will need to provide the DJ with an option for a covered location in which to set up and have that all important contingency plan in case of inclement weather.
At Bee Entertainment, we always encourage couples to have a meeting with their DJ and ask these questions early in the planning process. We want you to be comfortable with all of your vendors and make sure everyone knows what is expected of them the day of your event!


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