Throwing The Ultimate Wedding Reception (Part One)

Throwing The Ultimate Wedding Reception (Part One)

Use these ideas to throw a wedding reception that your guests will remember!


When it comes to your big day, your wedding ceremony is a beautiful chance to exchange vows and proclaim your love, but let’s be honest, people really stick around for the wedding reception! After all, who doesn’t want to eat, drink, and bust a move?!


Merriment is found in many things, but the best parties implement a personal touch where the small details make a huge difference and keep the moments and memories alive well after the celebration has ended!


At Bee Entertainment, the party starts with us! Our DJ services span beyond the typical to create a wedding reception that reflects your style and vision. Join us today as we explore what makes a fantastic wedding reception and tips for creating a party that everyone will remember!


Planning A Wedding Reception That Speaks For Itself


Wedding guests are attending this day to celebrate with YOU, which means it should reflect you! A great wedding ceremony and wedding reception rest on the small details, and not what is trendy or what other people are doing. You do you on this special day!


So, where we begin throwing the ultimate wedding reception? Consider and personalize some of these tried and true tips below! 


Create A Cheers Vibe. 


A wedding is full of people who don’t know each other, so you can help connect people at the wedding reception. Start with the seating. Assigned seating may sound a little lame, but it can be a great way to connect people you think may hit it off. 


If you love details, you could even put together a little book for each table and talk about each person and some fun facts for an icebreaker when everyone sits down. Or, have guests do a fill in the blank with questions like, “what’s your go-to dance floor song?” or “what’s your favorite dance move?”


Before you know it, everyone will feel at home, relaxed, and ready to hit the dance floor!


Hire a DJ who you connect with.


It’s easy to just hire the first DJ result on a Google search but to create a wedding reception that stuns, you need someone who really gets you! Be open to a vibe that a DJ can create for you, and focus less on the “do not play list.” While it’s important to enjoy the reception, it’s a fact that good music keeps people on the dance floor and at the reception longer. 

Have you ever watched a dance floor clear out when a DJ can’t read the crowd and plays the wrong kind of music? Yeah, don’t book that DJ!    


Incorporate music everyone loves!


Music will make or break your reception! You want to pack the dance floor and not just cater to a party of two — the only two who actually like country music — this is about choosing a variety of music and enjoying it with all the people who are there! Forego the indie rock, heavy metal, and country tunes and stick to crowd pleasers! 


Serve delicious food!


This is a no-brainer, but this is basic wedding reception 101! When drinking and dancing are involved, you need great food! So, if you love BBQ, pizza, or heck, grilled cheese, a catering company can typically find something works for everyone! 


Don’t forget those with dietary preferences such as vegans, gluten-free, and paleo folks! These are the thoughtful details that people really feel and appreciate.


Don’t let guests’ bellies go empty.


Aside from having delicious food, it’s important that there is food available so no one gets hangry and the vibe drops with low energy. While the wedding ceremony is a great moment, the time between that and food being served can be long. So, why not impart a cocktail hour with small bites? Or, even just set out a snack table where people can help themselves? It doesn’t have to be grand or fancy, the people just need food! 


There are plenty more tips for hosting the ultimate wedding reception to create an experience that celebrates your love and the important people in your life, so stay tuned for part two!


To get the music that moves bodies from their chairs and to the dance floor, book us today! 









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